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Platinum Turf Group is known for creating synthetic grass putting greens that offer golf enthusiasts the opportunity to work on their short game in the comfort of home. The concept of bringing artificial grass golf greens to residential as well as commercial settings is nothing new for us, and the artificial turf practice surfaces we provide look, feel, and play like the very finest natural grass greens.  We have built two 9-hole Par 3 Golf Courses using our products. We custom design both backyard and indoor putting greens depending on your tastes and needs by designing and installing synthetic turf that has continuously evolved over the course of our business.  Platinum Turf Group has made practicing easier than ever for golf lovers.

Not only do our synthetic grass putting greens provide the perfect tool with which to streamline your short game, they also add beauty and value to any home. Keep your practice regimen local, as in just outside the back door, with a little help from the professionals at Platinum Turf Group.

We offer:

  • Backyard golf greens
  • Indoor putting greens
  • Unique Sleeve Cup System
  • Synthetic turf products that offer a true roll and perfect putting and chipping conditions
  • Custom design
  • Tee lines at driving ranges
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • DIY putting greens

Your own practice green may seem like a luxury until you learn about the affordability and cost efficiency of our artificial grass products and you’ll come to see that an installation is well within your reach. As a golf enthusiast nothing could be better than bringing the game home with you. Call today and make one of Platinum Turf Groups stunning putting greens a centerpiece of your home.

  • Tee Line
  • Golf Green Materials

Platinum Group Ultra Tee is tufted nylon turf with a face weight of 110 oz. per sq. yard and a total weight of 140 oz. per sq. yard. It is manufactured and sold in either 5 or 15 wide rolls. The primary backing is a stabilized woven polypropylene and the secondary backing is a 20 oz. urethane. The turf can be used for either a continuous Tee Line or we can cut a custom mat for you.

Platinum Turf Group Tee Line Advantages:

  •  Holds a real tee
  • Allows for a natural, true feel
  • Simulates a true shot, no club bounce when hit “fat”
  • Used by PGA Professionals and golfs most exclusive clubs throughout the world
  • Allows for year-round practice and use
  • Maximizes the health of your natural grass tee
  • Reduced costs and maintenance on the natural grass tee

golf turfPerfect for the backyard or where you don’t have much room to chip. Nylon vs. Polypropylene. Which is the best green for you? The putting quality in a nylon turf is more superior than a polypropylene turf. It also requires less maintenance than a polypropylene turf. It is recommended for shots under 30 yards, as anything beyond that will not provide consistent hold ability because the ball becomes too bouncy. (Note: the club and the ball selection will vary the hold ability characteristics) The fibers in a nylon putting green turf are curly in nature. This is due to the typical texturizing process that takes place during the manufacturing of the fiber, or yarn, itself. During the later stage of manufacturing, the turf goes through a hot oven. At this stage, the fibers are “heat set” creating a memory. This memory is a significant characteristic of nylon compared to polypropylene putting turf because it allows you the freedom of not having to install a topdressing or an infill. (Note: Polypropylene requires infill)

There are 2 reasons to use infill on a nylon putting green. The first is to adjust the speed of the green. In elementary terms… the shorter the fiber, the stiffer the fiber… the faster the ball will roll. This allows you to match the speed at your local club. The second reason one would add an infill to their nylon putting green tur is if they plan on chipping to it from any distance. The infill will act like a hidden bunker within the fibers, thus dispersing the energy of the ball when it lands on the green, giving the ball a better, more natural performance characteristic. That said, should you want a nylon putting green to hold a shot from any sort of distance, you would want to purchase a nylon turf with a high pile eight. A higher pile height will allow you to have more infill within the fibers, thus giving you a better chipping ball performance by reducing the bounce of the ball.

Polypropylene greens are great for people that have large spaces. They are perfect for the person that likes to hit long chip shots. We have built two golf courses using this type of material here in the United States.

Polypropylene is the more economical choice for artificial turf in the marketplace today. Polypropylene is a type of plastic. The fibers in the polypropylene turf are made of a thick unstable fiber that requires infill in order for the fibers to stand up straight. The infill required in a polypropylene turf is anywhere from 4-12 pounds per square foot depending on the height of the fiber being used. Polypropylene is a good product for longer approach shots (beyond 50 yards) because of the amount of infill it has within the fibers. Like the nylon, this infill acts as a hidden bunker, absorbing the energy of the ball. Since polypropylene is less dense than nylon, it allows more infill…giving the turf a better, more natural hold ability characteristic. The putting characteristics of a polypropylene turf will have a grain to it. This grain will create putts faster in one direction than the other. Poly will require more attention to maintenance to make sure that the turf is putting as well as it can. The poly fibers will crush with extended use, creating a firmer and faster surface. Once this happens, you will need to maintain the turf by brushing the fibers (to “fluff” them back up) and re-roll the green to crimp the fibers back down. (Note: A lawn roller is an added purchase needed, and often over-looked, when buying a polypropylene putting green over a nylon putting green) Polypropylene turf does make a great alternative to nylon when chipping performance characteristics (beyond 50 yards) are more of a priority than the turf’s putting surface.

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